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5 Tips For Learning How To Wear A Style Tie

When we talk about men’s fashion, it is necessary to mention the bonds. These classics have been following the shirts and suits of men for centuries, so we cannot imagine a dress full of style without the presence of a tire.

Therefore, we share some points that you should put on the record to properly choose your commitments, they are simple tips that will give you more points, and you will look great.

1.- Design.

The classic never fails, so the first suggestion is to choose ties with line design, which are very traditional, those of the diagonal lines are the most sought after because they offer the most elegance and value. However, ties with a subtle pattern to use and neutral colored shirts will also appeal to you.

2. Layout and appearance

This point is important. It can be helpful if you make sure your tie does not go over the waist, or if you are facing the ends above the belt, the widest part should always cover the very small part, holding it as it goes. Also, carefully adjust your tie so that the top button of the shirt is not visible, and consider that, if the collar of your shirt is small, the knot should not be too big, and vice versa.

3. Strong colors

Strong and bright tones, such as red and purple, are suitable for people who come out and impress; are widely used in corporate or political events.

4. Purple colors

On the other hand, simple or soft binding tones, such as pink, lilac, or pastel, are associated with creativity and unity, often worn at conferences or corporate events to convey confidence.

5.Dark color

The color black can mean, in general, seriousness and care; In the case of bonds, however, it is recommended that you use only cocktails or luxury meetings, in the work of choice and not, as it can fall on deaf ears. How about wearing a gray tie with a better pastel shirt, you will look sophisticated and deceptive.